In my previous blog I had pointed out two anomalies of constitution of U.S.A.One was Presidential system of elections.This system gives enormous powers to the President,who is likely to misuse them.We have now the example of Donald Trump.

Another anomaly is the appointments of Supreme Judges by the political functionaries.There is possibility of what we call the appointments of committed judges.

Now there is one another anomaly, system of election by Electoral College.There was an interesting interview of Al Gore,once Vice President of U.S.A in Time dated 31–7–2017.Mr.Justin Worland took the interview.Gore was asked about the Electoral College system.Mr.Gore was himself affected by this system.Electoral College system supersedes popular votes.Hilary Clinton got more popular votes.Even then she was defeated.It is in fitness of the things and justice only the popular votes should be considered.Mr.Gore said “But with changing circumstances ,it would now much better for our country to adopt a popular vote for determining the outcome of presidential elections.”

So in fairness to the people of the country Electoral College should be completely scrapped.

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