Will AI take over on professional jobs in future?

Future is unpredictable, but we can logically sense the outcomes of current technologies and ongoing research. Its is already happening that AI is taking our jobs, we just have to look that way. As we can see that computers , softwares have taken places of lots of data processing tasks which were manual earlier, Also lots of the labour work is also been automated. If we see also Some of the companies are reducing the man power and creating automation tools to do work.

Now just look at these happenings most of the work adopted by the machines is repetitive and labour work. Same way there are many sector in which day-to-day work is repetitive and less intelligent, So it is quite possible(And some the companies are working in that direction) to automate that work and reduce the labour cost.

As I can see fields like banking which can be fully automated, It might be the field where is possibility of AI might adopt all the manual work of the bank employees. Also The call centres work that can be taken by the AI, right now partially have taken over by the AI.