‘Dharti’: After the construction, towards the recovery journey

In the photos, I see only the Tamang community. Is there any non-Tamang family also receiving the benefits? Should try and engage them also.

Dharma Timilsina’s wife (Sunrise Guest House) is an active member of the Bhattidanda Women co-op. Suggest try and get her to participate in these meetings. How about Ramesh Rai and his wife, they have to be part of helping hands. What about Anil ( Himalaya House). Ben Kantha? Drag him/them down to these meetings. Our next door neighbor (on th left) Madhav and Sabitri Timilsina should be asked to join. Ask their children Asish and Kushal and Sulochana to help Binum. Kushal is studying engineering. Baitkuntha Neupane is a great teacher. Pls ask him to help you.

Even among Tamangs, have you asked Prem to join? Prem is the president of Himal Jyoti and owner of Tashi Ghale (?) home stay.

Suggest get the local leaders involved so they have a sense of owning the project and they don’t feel left out. I’m not telling you what to do, but being a local I felt this was something lacking just looking at your photos. Please don't take me otherwise. I’m part of your team. You are doing a great job. I hope this helps

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