Autonomous Driving

  • Level One, where the driver is assisted with devices as anti-lock brakes and cruise-control.
  • Level Two, which involves some automation, but still leaves the driver in control.
  • Level Three, is where the car is driving autonomously, but the driver is ready to take control when needed or desired. The system can identify such emergency cases and alert the driver.
  • Level Four, is defined as high automation: car drives in a fully automatic way, but driver can intervene whenever he wants.
  • Level Five, is the fully autonomous level. Driver is not needed and no human is allowed any role in the driving task at all.



Software Algorithms


  • With most accidents being caused by human error, accidents can be reduced.
  • Emissions will be reduced due to autonomous cars optimizing fuel consumption
  • While a human can only focus and monitor one part at a time, and has to constantly keep looking all around, the autonomous vehicle is always monitoring and collecting data about everything around the vehicle.
  • We can use the commute time to do something more useful, or beat that next level of candy crush.
  • Certain people with disabilities wouldn’t have to rely on someone else, or public transportation.
  • Police officers could shift their focus of having to write tickets to focusing on more serious matters.




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