I see what you mean
Abhi Aiyer

Thank you for your response. So we have been using Meteor for a year now, and had in in production in no time

  • Controlling building and bundling: agreed, it’s part of Meteor’s ‘magic’, although webpack is slowly becoming standard.
  • Reactive, this new package should provide exponential improvements: https://forums.meteor.com/t/meteor-scaling-redis-oplog-status-1-1-4-stable/30855/237 — in line with chattr’s redsubpub
  • Deployment and load balancing: we developed production-grade deployment scripts (https://github.com/ramezrafla/meteor-deployment) which are super easy to ease, use nginx load balancing and provide a visual interface to see status. And Btw, these two issues have nothing to do with Meteor, you would have the same challenges with any app

So unless there are other real reasons, you guys moved away from Meteor, as it seems for emotional reasons, or maybe because you hired a new technology team / CTO

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