Ailexce is a project from the Netherlands with a profit of up to 4.5% a day.

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Hackers have compromised the website of the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, and demanded ransom in Bitcoins (BTC).

The city announced the hack on its official Twitter account on Oct. 25. The city wrote that it had “detected a network breach which resulted in unauthorised access to its information systems.” As a result, the breach affected several customer-facing systems — hardware or software customers interact with directly, such as user interfaces and help desks. The breach has frozen those operations.

The ransom and investigation

Following the attack, cybercriminals calling themselves Shadow Kill Hackers demanded ransom worth 4 BTC, as local news outlet eNCA reported…

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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is not at all impressed by the perceived threat Bitcoin (BTC) faces from Google’s quantum computer.

Buterin took to Twitter on Oct. 23, where he commented on the news that Google had achieved quantum supremacy, meaning that a quantum computer has solved a mathematical calculation that would take any traditional computer millenia to solve. Buterin shared a seemingly snarky analogy:

“My one-sentence impression of recent quantum supremacy stuff so far is that it is to real quantum computing what hydrogen bombs are to nuclear fusion. …

The use of blockchain to cement ownership rights for real estate and business has been ongoing since 2016, when the technology was first used to organize new forms of registries and registration of transactions. The blocks are used to record information onto the blockchain system, which can then certify the process of transfer of ownership of the property or entity.

This process excludes intermediaries that collect commissions in the process of, for example, conducting real estate transactions while also lowering the risk of fraud. …

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Facebook recently made its entry into the world of institutional blockchain and cryptocurrency with the announcement of Libra. It garnered so much attention that lawmakers in the United States are holding hearings to review the project. Walmart has been flirting with crypto and blockchain for years. At the time of writing, the top crypto exchange handles a volume of around $50 billion, and Bitcoin (BTC) is holding steady around $8,000.

This is clearly a new “mainstreaming” of crypto to the masses, but a growing number of major banks, hedge funds and family offices are also turning to digital assets to…

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A United States court has ordered Christopher Bania, who recently pleaded guilty to drug distribution, to give up almost 17 Bitcoin (BTC) — worth roughly $150,000 at press time.

The plea, order and sentencing

Per the Oct. 19 order from a court in Wisconsin, Bania will need to forfeit “Approximately 16.91880054 Bitcoin seized from Bania’s ‘Local Bitcoins’ account.” Though worth roughly $153,100 as of publication, it is much less than the 124 BTC that the court is returning to the defendant, alongside various other cryptocurrencies and over $50,000 in cash seized from his residence upon arrest.

Though originally charged with money laundering, importation of controlled…

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A least one crypto exchange, Circle, was asked to list Telegram’s tokens before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) halted the launch of the TON blockchain, court filings show.

According to documents submitted to the court by the SEC, the agency obtained a registration form titled “Circle Asset Listing Form.” According to the form, it was filed to request a listing on Circle’s Poloniex crypto exchange and submitted by Sergey Vasin, chief operating officer of Blackmoon, a small crypto exchange that earlier had announced plans to list grams.

In the form, Vasin said he was acting as the chief operating…

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Image for post has acquired Japanese blockchain developers O3 Labs and will absorb the team, the company announced Monday.

The deal, which began in talks a few months ago and closed recently for an undisclosed sum, will see O3 Labs’ eight-person developer team integrate into’s 30-person engineering team, CEO Stefan Rust told CoinDesk.

They will begin working on applications to support the bitcoin cash network.’s Executive Chairman Roger Ver, whose early bet on bitcoin and subsequent crypto evangelism earned him the nickname “bitcoin jesus,” is a major promoter of Bitcoin cash.

Rust told CoinDesk that the partnership will play into…

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With the era of negative interest rates well and truly here, return-hungry investors may increasingly borrow in low-interest fiat currencies and invest in higher-yielding cryptocurrency accounts.

“The fiat-BTC carry trade is the next step in bitcoin growth,” tweeted popular bitcoin quant investor @100trillionUSD on Oct. 10.

A carry trade is a strategy where a trader uses a low-yielding currency to fund a high-yielding investment.

For instance, the yen carry trade was popular in 2004–2008 when the Federal Reserve hiked rates from 1 percent to 5.25 percent and interest rates in Japan were stuck near 0.5 percent.

Investors borrowed in yen…

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When bitcoin advocates claim adoption is surging in developing countries, particularly during periods of political unrest or economic turmoil, their go-to source for evidence is often LocalBitcoins.

The peer-to-peer exchange, which matches buyers and sellers of the largest cryptocurrency in nearly 250 countries, publishes weekly volume data for each nation and region where it has users. This constant stream of fresh data makes LocalBitcoins a unique window into the global market.

But a closer look at the way this data is collected shows substantial noise mixed in with the signals, undermining the claims of growing crypto use empowering the downtrodden.


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