The anxiety of being POSITIVE
Suzanne Sangi

Hi Suzanne,

Lovely post. I love your style of writing. I am one of those guys who evangelise positivity :-) so confessing to my guilt.

However, my definition of positivity may not be so far away from your views. To me, positivity is not an absence of ‘negative’ emotions such as grief, anger etc. It is much more about being in control of those emotions and channelising them to positive action. Marching for changing a broken system for example will surely be counted as positive action. Being positive for me is about filling your life with kindness and gratitude, it is being completely comfortable with oneself and about seeking solutions instead of wallowing in the ‘why this/why me’.

Being positive is about converting grief and sadness into compassion rather than bitterness. It is about converting anger into courageous action rather than fearful sulking.

Do we converge?

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