What do customers want from your company?

We’ve all heard stories why the customer is considered king. So, what are we supposed to do keep the kings happy? Lower prices ? Better Features ? New Promo Codes?

If you see all the great unicorn companies there is something unique that they provide, that most of the other companies started replicating them usually fail to provide, its the customer delight. There are many companies in the search industry before google came in,how did they manage to retain them? one because of the innovation that they came up with two is because of the emotional connect that person has with google. There are many other companies like duck duck go that came to the industry and are still existent but haven’t come to that level of what google does in specific. Google has established a brand around itself for being charismatic young company that does good for our better. Same is the case with AirBnB they never sold home stay as a cheap alternatives to hotel they sold it as an amazing stay experience that helps you live in that country rather stay in the country. Today if there was a 5 star hotel offering cheaper stay in the same region people when compared to an airbnb would shell a couple of extra bucks to get the experience. The kind of experience that you’d provide your users is something that no other competitor can ever copy.