How to get into the tech industry

Nowadays the tech industry is one of the biggest industries in the country and the entire world.

To give you a small idea about how big this industry is, let me give you some statistics:

* Payroll in 2014 was 654 billion dollars.

* 6.5 million employees in the industry.

* Over 1 million self-employed professionals.

* Average national salary of over $100K.

With this boom, a lot of people find themselves tempted to switch career especially if they have a passion for computers and solving problems.

Now before I start the next section, I want to give you a piece of advice, if you are trying to break into this industry just for the money, I want to give you a friendly advice to give it a better thought because that reason in my opinion is the wrong reason to try to switch your career to tech.

But if you have a genuine passion for learning, solving problems and puzzles then please read on.

Today I want to share a golden opportunity for people who want to get into tech and they didn’t had a fair opportunity before because of whatever reason. It’s called Apprenti: the first program/apprenticeship in the country to provide a path to your future career in tech.

Washington technology industry association (WTIA) created this program where they look for people from all different walks of life and work with many hiring partners to interview and hire selected candidates for different positions like web developers, software developers, network administrators, cloud support, project managers etc.

Here is how it works you apply online at and then you take an assessment test. The goal here is to rank high in the pool of candidates. The higher the better for you chances of passing to the next round.

If you score high enough, you will get contacted by Apprenti for a phone interview, if you pass that you will be invited for an in person interview.

Now if you Ace that, you will enter in the pool of candidates to be sent to the hiring partners to interview for technical positions.

Hiring partners like Microsoft, Amazon, F5 Networks, Avvo and many more.

If you get selected by one of these companies, congratulation: you made it. Now you will go through training payed for by Apprenti, and after you complete the training you are guaranteed a one year employment with that companies with a salary of $42k or higher.

Apprenti and WTIA are really invested in your success and they really follow you in all these steps and provide you with all resources necessary. They are really changing lives to the better and making such a great impact on so many families lives.

Your job is to be committed to the program and work hard.

Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by. Go now and apply.