Data scientists often need to work on Python notebooks to do data explorations and experiments. In this post, I will briefly explain what are Python virtual environments and how to use them in Jupyter Notebook.

Click here to directly go to the meaty part if you already know about environment variables and Jupyter.

Multiple Python projects need multiple virtual environments

When working on several projects (which is the case almost always), it is necessary to keep in mind the reproducibility, deployment and independence between these projects. And one important aspect is to avoid conflicts between the versions of the same libraries used in different projects.

One project might need version 1.0 of a certain library, but another one needs version 2.0. Using the same python environment will certainly lead to leaving one of the two projects unable. Some projects might need a certain library that another project doesn’t need, why then run the second project inside in an environment containing libraries (and dependencies) that are not needed? This might also lead to conflicts in certain cases. …

Quantified Self Dublin’s first podcast is with author and key influencer in the lifelogging movement — Jim Gemmell.

More about Jim

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Jim Gemmell is one of the founders of the lifelogging movement. He speaks about how working with Gordon Bell in the early nineties they realised that with unlimited storage and devices getting cheaper/smaller — it would only be a matter of time before people were capturing everything about their lives.

Jim has co-authored the seminal book in the area: ‘Your Life Uploaded’, previously released as ‘Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything’.

Jim is currently the CTO of Trōv, a company that provides on-demand insurance for every object in your life. …

By Dr. Rami Albatal, Big Data Scientist, Computer Vision Expert & Lifelogger Lead Data Scientist at HeyStaks Ltd.

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Lifelogging represents a phenomenon whereby people can digitally record their daily lives in varying amounts of detail, for a variety of purposes. In a sense it represents a comprehensive “black box” of a human’s life activities and may offer the potential to mine or infer knowledge about how we live our lives.

Beside activity and location trackers, wearable cameras were introduced among the first and probably the richest Lifelogging devices (check out SenseCam, Narrative Clip and the recent Google Clips cameras). These cameras, are designed to record the life experience of the wearers, by passively capturing images based on movement, time, location or contextual triggers (e.g. …


Rami Albatal

Ph.D., Big Data Scientist, Computer Vision expert & Lifelogger.

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