Lost Triple D Intros: Vol. 1

“I’m Guy Fieri and we’re looking for America’s greatest Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! This week….

…we’re in Newport, Rhode Island where this Swedish couple is puttin’ a tropical twist on THIS Navajo classic!!”

…we’re in Flint, Michigan where this Neo-Nazi is givin’ classic Jewish Cuisine some Soulful. Southern. Spice!!”

…we’re in Little Rock, Arkansas, where a couple of former circus clowns are putting a three-ring spin on Scandinavian BBQ!!”

…we’re in Omaha, Nebraska where THIS transgender Scotsman- er, woman, is givin’ the Ol’ Swedish meatball a Maori style makeover!

…we’re in Topeka, Kansas where THIS Alaskan paraplegic is kickin’ up a fresh take on Mexican seafood!!

…we’re in Brunson, South Carolina where THIS retired Bolivian gymnast has customers doing backflips at THIS Indonesian style salad bar !!

…we’re in Chino, California where THIS Powerball winner is whippin’ up a chocolate-filled tsunami at THIS Italian matzah factory!!

…we’re in St.Paul Minnesota where THIS Malaysian hooker is puttin’ a Brazilian wax on THIS Pakistani spice platter!

…we’re in Fresno, California where THIS Buddhist monk is dumpin’ dumplings into cake batter at his beachside gastropub!!!

…we’re in Eugene, Oregon where THESE Serbian brothers are servin’ up a Jamaican Yum-punch at THIS Finnish fish joint!

…we’re in Logan, Utah where THIS Ethiopian cowboy is buckin’ the trend at his vintage Vietnamese diner.

…we’re in Mesa, Arizona where THIS Danish gypsy is servin’ up a cuban-style haggis outside her grandmother’s caravan.

…we’re in Columbus, Ohio where THIS former whale watcher is poachin’ eggs with a Japanese vengeance.

…we’re in Altoona, Pennsylvania where THIS senile old man is putting the Poo- in Poutine, in his North Korean burger shack.

…we’re in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where a former marine (biologist) is servin’ up Knishes at this roadside bowling alley.

…we’re in Spearfish, South Dakota where a part-time dog-walker is cooking up a full-time flavorbomb at THIS Russian Ramen bar.

And that’s all RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. on Diners, Drive Ins, And Dives!