I will always remember this day very vividly. My daughter, whom I adore more than anything in this world, had often told me about her wish to go visit Disneyland. Finally I got the chance to take her on a trip to Disneyland, Florida. I must say seeing the happiness on her face as she got to meet her favourite characters, Mickey, Minnie, Elsa was worth it. I thought to myself, “Rami Misbah Taha, you are a lucky man to have such a beautiful daughter!” While I was lost in thought, I did not realise that my daughter had wandered off into the crowd in search of ice-cream. Once I saw she was not next to me, I went into panic mode. Cold sweat began to form on my brows, and my body started trembling. I did not understand how to react. Suddenly, I heard someone shouting from afar — “Rami Misbah Taha! Rami Misbah Taha!” I rushed towards the sound, and soon found my daughter on the verge of tears along with a family. They had seen her looking around confused and scared, and thought she was lost. I can never repay the kindness of those nice people. Eventually, we came back home. However, I shudder to think what would’ve happened if I had lost my daughter.

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