ALPAKA 7ven: Bag for the Minimalist

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The design ethos for ALPAKA was to simplify the complexity of the world through the products we design and make. This brand ethos is reflected in the first carry product we designed, a bag called the ALPAKA 7ven.


As part of the need for simplicity, we embraced the idea of minimalism. For me, minimalism means the following:

Reducing wastage (thus reducing environmental footprint).

Increasing efficiency (you are better at organising your life when you have less stuff to organise).

Increasing happiness (because you are not focusing on hoarding stuff).

Have more time (time is the most precious thing you have).

7ven for fashion

About Design

When we designed the bag, we wanted to reflect the ethos of minimalism in the final product design. So this is how we approached the design requirements as set forth by the idea of minimalism:

Reducing wastage -> by increasing quality and longevity of the bag through the use of high quality materials.

Increasing efficiency -> ALPAKA 7ven bag is designed to be the only bag you need for the whole week. So no more wasting time in the morning deciding which bag to use for what occasion and for what clothes you wear. Also, we have implemented several features to improve the use of the bag.

7ven for travel
7ven for adventure

Increasing happiness -> We tried to increase happiness by giving you a high quality product, allow you to ‘declutter’, and make you look great regardless of the clothes you wear and the occasion that you happen to be in.

Have more time -> Most people understand the value of time, yet so many people waste it. When you use the 7ven bag you are saving time by choosing your everyday bag instead of deciding which bag or bags to take with you.

7ven for business

Everyday Use

The minimalist design of the bag also lends itself to be used in different situations.

Most bags focus on either aesthetics or functionality. Our goal was to combine the two in order to make it a bag that is meant to be used every day of the week.

As Steve Jobs famously said: "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

The next post will focus on features of the bag and why it is that this bag is suited for both work AND play.

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