Facebook Reactions makes us more human

Facebook has gone nuclear on its competition with Reactions

We’ve all been in the situation before, a friend has some life altering event they post about on Facebook — but its not the “good kind” of event.

Do you like a horrible event? Well, that may be rude — how do you like the loss of a job or loved one? You certainly want to acknowledge it, so maybe just comment, that’s easier.

What may seem like a “cool” move by Facebook is in fact very deep and opens up a wealth of opportunity, but before any of that the most important thing it does is make us human online.


  1. Makes us more human
  2. Engagement drastically changes, alters interactions with friends and content
  3. Content creators will adjust content based on more nuanced responses
  4. Smarter messaging bots? You bet.
  5. Data analytics and advertising, advertising, advertising
  6. Everyone else will adjust somehow, this does in fact change everything
  7. Social sciences, you are welcome — I’d write a letter of thanks to Zuck himself.
As usual, throwing out my apologies and notes here — consider this a stream of thought — not a fully formalized corporate PR checked blog post. Lots of misspellings and funky GIFS included with emoji where appropriate. The important part is that you get and we discuss the theory and cool stuff taking place.

Makes us more human

So what does “more human” mean? Well at its most basic level you have a way to connect more cleanly and intimately than before — this in theory should create stronger connections between people as their interactions will be more nuanced.

The Internet is full of binary or simple ways of reacting to content —

upvote / downvote

retweet / hearts

like (or choose not to live)

comment or don’t comment at all

Having a more diverse array of ways to engage will change the sort of content people upload and make available, it will also increase the quality of the engagement.

Producers and content creators rejoice

Remember, all this stuff is circular — content creators will react to the new array of emotions their work causes in people. They could also better integrate the feedback from Reactions into the content itself, whether it be live or post production. Smart producers will use this to their advantage, and quickly.

Messaging is the next thing, right?

Messaging is the next and current thing, but those messaging bots just potentially got a whole lot smarter. Intelligent bots will interact with you based on your Reactions and attempt to guage the best way to serve you, or whatever they are trying to “sell” / do in general.

While this may seem invasive, it could open a plethora of service oriented applications that will actually be of use on a very personal level.

I hear people crying tears of joy at Media and Ad agencies

If you want to place more ads think about the wealth of data that will be made available to you, to help target consumers and engage with them in a better way. This could create much more intelligently placed ads, which is more cost efficinet for the advertiser and better for your experience. Most people don’t mind ads that aren't ridiculous or totally obtrustive. Nuance means a lot in ads.

Social scientists — unleash your research papers and send me a preview copy ;)

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