Facebook Watch is not TV — stop calling it that

When Facebook does *anything* everyone takes note. When they make moves in the video space it causes earthquakes. If you didn’t see their Facebook Watch announcement or don’t know what it is, read this first then come back.

What struck me about *some* media coverage of Facebook Watch was that they called it TV or referrred to the content as such. Even some sorta-digital-not-oldschool outlets did.

This blows my mind.

Why must we call video in 2017 TV to validate or make it of worth? Is this some DNA-evolution thing and we just need a couple 1,000 more years to get over the fact that 👇 box is a TV, and almost anything else today is not, including the content that comes on it.

Facebook did not use the word TV in reference to the content one time in their announcement. In fact it appears they actively avoided using the term in reference to the content itself. They did use TV in reference to the Facebook TV app, since as we have seen above, we have a love of the term TV we can’t let go of.

Facebook referrs to content on Facebook Watch as shows, which insinuates that these are not one-off viral videos that show up randomly on your feed. There is some sort of sequence or order, or a theme.

If we take some of the launch publishers on Watch as any indication of the way they want it go, it looks pretty distinct to me — — a show consisting of 1-minute videos? Sounds good to me and to NAS daily. Also of note is the fact that Facebook appears to be applying Snapchat Discover type control (meaning very tightly controlled) over publishers — — it remains to be seen if this is part of their long-term strategy or just to start.

Like all of you I’ll be wating to see if this is their Google+ or not.

What do you think?

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