Creating a Game on your Intel® Edison

This is a Brain Game which can be played by two players. In this project the two players are YOU & Edison!

Yup, you have to play with an AI (kind of..can’t call it an Ai :P) which plays optimally in each move, who is trying to beat you! so here’s a challenge by the Intel Edison..

Can You Beat Me? | -Intel Edison…

In simple terms here’s the game statement,
1.There are n numbers in a line displayed on the LCD. (n is even).
2.Two players (you & Edison) take turns to take a number from one of the ends of the line LCD Screen until there are no more numbers left.
3.The player with the larger amount of numbers wins!

It sound’s kinda simple right? see this video below to see it in action!

To create your own BrainHack — see this tutorial…

Intel® Edison | BrainHack();
Can You Beat Me? | -Intel Edison…This project is for anyone who owns,
1.Intel® Edison and Arduino Breakout Kit
2.Grove* Starter Kit Plus — Intel® IoT
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