. “A mere Creek”

I am just a simple creation of man, my purpose is to become a passage for water for it to flow freely and give life to those plants and trees, for them to grow and give benefits to people, to the man who made me. I am not essential like water, because i am just a creek, i am just an instrument to give way to something who is more essential than me. No one can notice my importance nor my existence because who am i anyway? I am just a mere creek.

There are weeds and other plants that grow along side of mine, why do they want to live beside me? When i am just a creek who can’t give them anything, i keep on wondering why but then the answer came and struck me. Ofcourse they are not there beside me for me, it is because of the water, they need it for them to live. They need water to have a life, they’re not here for me. But for the water. Because who am i? I am just a creek, no one dared to see my worth and notice my existence.

I am always here, the people always walked pass by and they wash their hands and feet as well as their faces when they feel the hotness of the sun. They are so thankful for the water, not for the creek, not for me. My existence was always denied, unnoticed, no one cares about me. I’m always giving my best, giving a way for something and helping them pass through. Helping those plants who is living beside me. I am always here for everyone but how come they can’t even thank me for being here? How can they just ignore me and continue their lives without even glancing at me, nothing at all.

I guess this is my purpose, always helping other people, to be selfless, to be nothing. Because i can’t even appreciate my own worth, because i considered my self as a mere creek. I guess this is all i am, i don’t have any worth at all. But i’ll stay here, until someone will come and somewhat or somehow, notice me and see my worth.