“Another Twisted Story”

I was never a fan of long distance relationship, and never in a million years would i see myself being one. Just the thought of it makes me think that those people who committed in this kind of situation is stupid, dumb and nonsenical. How can you love someone, whom you cannot see everyday? How sure you are that they will remain faithful to you despite of the miles you had in between?. Some of you might argue that love cannot be measured by distance but hey that’s bullshit, time will come and one of you will fed up and find someone else, believe me. That’s why i told it to myself that i won’t be stupid enough to commit in those kind of relationship. Or so i thought.

I was never a fan of long distance relationship, and never in a million years would i see myself being one; not until he came. Maybe, there is really an exemption to every rule and he is my exemption. My will to decline him was neither or either enough to stop him, or just his will to pursue me is stronger than mine? Does the walls i built around me is not strong enough for me not to see his worth? Or the holes that i dig to distance my self to him is not deep enough to protect my self from falling into something stupid?. From the very start i think of myself as a strong and independent woman, i can do all things all alone, but am i really brave? Or I’m that coward and weak so that i built walls and holes to protect myself beacuse i know that if i get used to his presence and then everything came to an end i’m doomed. I categorized those people who committed in those kind of relationship as stupid, dumb and nonsensical yet here i am, weak, coward and full of fear to take any risk in my life because i can’t afford it. As i watch him walking towards me, i saw a man who’s tired from the long and hot journey not minding the busy streets and the approaching night sky, i saw the lit in his eyes despite of his exhausted features. Right there and then, i asked my self; is he still not enough to take the risk? Then the answer is right in front of me.

We might have the control over our lives, but at some point the hell all lose and everything that we planned became so fucked up and we ask ourselves; is this what i really want? Or is it just my imagination that tells me that this is what i need that all of this fascinating things is all that i wanted to happen to me. But reality made me realize that there is another side of the story, that everything will be curled up and shit happens, but for me this is the goodest shit so far. Now whenever i go back to my thoughts about the long distance relationship, i think that Love does not requires you to see each other everyday as long as there is always the excitement feeling rushed down to your veins everytime you see that person. Love makes you feel sure that this person will love you even though there is a high possibility that he might find someone else. Because love afterall is patience and loving is inevitable.

Doubt is still there but trust is the key to make everything feels alright. There are only few chances that you can see each other and the thought still pains me but it’s okay. Love is a gamble they say, and our heart is the one at risk but then always remember that you always aim for victory. You can’t choose the one you love or your own story, it is made by you but life can give you a lot more and at the end, you just got another twisted story.