Unlearn ( Programming ), You must .

Unlearn, you must.

The worst thing that could happen to an ageing engineer is the lack of curiosity and boredom. One of the blessing in disguise, being in the high technology industry is that, all your free time is spent in learning, one may argue that 25% of the present bleeding edge technology knowledge we may hold at this moment , might be irrelevant with in a year. Having said that, there are certain textbook learning Paths which have permanent lasting impression on the basics of programming. Here is one such learning path , unlearning programming can be difficult, taking inspiration from yoda

You must unlearn what you have learned — Yoda

If you about 12–15 months to spare for about 6–8 hours / week . These are the books which I suggest ::

Take Away

Quoting an analogy from cricket, Form is temporary but class is permanent . Unlearning and learning are quintessential for being in High Technology industry. Certain textbooks and programming paradigms do withstand the change of time, the information provided is still relevant, even where there are bleeding JavaScript frameworks coming out every week ;-) . Adapting smarter ways to learn these classic pieces of computing literature one could benefit a lot in terms of time taken to finish them and also retain information .

For Example, Tools like Anki and learning techniques like spaced repetition can bring some planning and maturity into learning programming languages . I will cover using Anki for learning in a further blog post. Adios.