Revolutionizing Audience Interaction and Engagement with a simple messenger..

Currently channels use a 5 digit SMS code to receive responses from consumers. It is very expensive for the consumer (Rs 3 to 5 per response) and the typing process is cumbersome. SMS is uni-directional and there is no way to get the demography and geography data of the responses coming via SMS.

TTAPP Messenger, allows instant polls and live interaction with millions of audiences sitting before the TV, right during the broadcast program. The cost to the consumer is zero. Can send multi-lingual, multi-media messages with built in option buttons, so that consumers can participate with just one touch. The channel staff login to our Cloud-SaaS platform to manage the engagement and publish results within a minute. The channel owns the data. Participating audiences can be profiled, Date wise, Day wise and Program wise based on age, gender, location and SEC.

​There are enough tools to engage, measure and profile OTT/internet viewership. But in India, OTT is just a small percentage of the total TV viewership. TAPP focuses on structured polls and interaction with audiences while they are before the TV.

Since the channels pay monthly fee on a SaaS model, there is no investment required on software, servers or licenses.