The Help

The Help movie is my favorite film in the 21th century. The production of film wonderful and they did a great job. The film is an American drama film. It was directed and written by Tate Taylor. Also, he was directed the film called “ the birth of the nation”. It was starring by Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Emma Stone.

The story of film about a young white woman and journalist. Her name Eugenia or “ Skeeter”. The film was focuses in civil right in 60s decade and Eugenia relationship with two black maids. I watched movie many times. It had a great storytelling. Eugenia wrote a book about black maids in America. Which the time were African American suffered from European American

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we heart it .com
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The help nominated and won Awards. Octavia Spencer won Best supporting actress in the film. Her acting is very great. Also, Octavia Spencer won Golden Globe Award and BAFTA awards for best supporting actress. She was super star in the movie. I watched her acting she was stunning. I love her. In addition, the film won several awards. The film won two BET awards and won four Black Film Critics Circle Awards. It a great movie i hope everyone watch this movie.

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The movie has sadness and happiness moment. The sadness moment when African America worked as maids with low salary. Also, When Octavia fired from her work . She was suffered to find anotther work. The most touching moment was when Viola Accused from steeling something and she did not steel . I think silvers forks. The happiness moment when I saw Octavia happy to get money. It a fantastic film I have ever seen before.

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