Eddie Gallagher is the violence-without-apology figure the MAGA president admires.

“PATRIOTS DON’T CRY FOR DEAD TERRORISTS,” reads retired U.S. Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher’s t-shirt in an Instagram promotion for veteran-geared apparel. In July 2019, Gallagher was acquitted of murder charges for the slaying of an unarmed teenage prisoner-of-war, but convicted for posing with the corpse for a gruesome trophy photo…

Sometimes a person’s draining behavior goes beyond typical egotism.

“We are all at the mercy of the Narcissist in Chief,” writes Jennifer Senior of the New York Times. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, drama, ego, and lust for power have infected the United States’ political culture. Narcissism is embedded in the exceptionalism of the “America First” motto and…

On power, narrative, and teaching in the refugee camp.

“Sarsoor! Sarsoor!” My students pointed panicked little fingers at the cockroach skittering across the dull wooden floor and squealed until I squished the bug with my leather sandal.

Cockroaches frequently invaded our small second-story classroom, and the children would perch like…

The show castigated a survivor of abuse for speaking her truth.

“Fight the real enemy,” singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor insisted to NBC’s Saturday Night Live audience as she tore up a photograph of Pope John Paul II.

It was October 3, 1992, and O’Connor’s second appearance as a musical guest on…

Erin Welsh

alleged sociologist | pomegranate connoisseur | dark humorist

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