Problem Statement: People need a way to organize their jewelry so that they can see all of it and use it easily.

Individual Idea Generation:

New Warm Up Game:

Brownies:) and fun drawings.

Everyone finishes each others drawings. Papers are folded over to ensure that each person cannot see what the last person has drawn. I guided them on what each section should contain.

Session Organization:

The kind souls who agreed to do this for me.

From left to right: Evelyn, Emily, Mary, Peter. Their majors range from painting to computer science, so there were a lot of different types of minds. We met in my apartment, warm ups lasted for about 15 minutes not including off- topic chatter which persisted during the idea generation as well. I did not have a good handle on the group, and was not a strong enough leader to keep the group moving and in check. However I was very pleased with the creativity and out of the box thinking of participants. They did a wonderful job overall despite over thinking leading to lack of ideas. Since we all know each other outside of the group, there was some pressure to come up with “good” ideas, which could have inhibited the idea generation.

Sorting and Voting Process:


***As a team, we came up with ways to describe our organization of ideas. I have paraphrased the finalized catagories here.***

  • Forks : Fork like designs that allow for multiple prongs to hold jewelry
  • Containers : Box like objects to hold jewelry.
  • Clothesline : Designs that involved suspension of jewelry, look like a bridge.
  • Dual purpose: Things that already exist which have been repurposed to accommodate jewelry.
  • Movement: organizers with moving or changing components.
  • Displays: Storage that mirrors the way in which the jewelry is worn.

10 Best Ideas:


Individual Idea Generation: Thursday/Friday/Saturday

Group meeting: Sunday

Sorting/Voting: Sunday/Monday

Top Idea Sketches: Monday/Tuesday