My Life

Hi, my name is Ryan. I am 16 years old and have a younger brother, mom, dad and a dog named Ella. I enjoy hanging with my friends, watching Netflix, skiing, and listening to music. I went to Elementary school at Lions Park, and went to Middle School at Lincoln. I enjoy having conversations about interesting topics and when I am older would like to have a job in the medical field. My favorite vacation spots are Hawaii and Florida. I am a big fan of comedy and watch a lot of comedy specials. My favorite comedians are Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan and Anthony Jeselnick.


This is one of my favorite songs.

“Friday Night”

I am watching Netflix.

People That Inspire Me:

Bill Gates inspires me because he is a successful man whose ideas have huge impacts on modern day society.

Louis C.K inspires me because he turned his skill of making people laugh into a career and he is one of the best comedians out there.

Muhammad Ali inspires me because he was a great boxer with a great character and he always fought for what he believed in.


This picture represents my dream to work in the medical field when I’m older.

American Perspective:

One thing that remind me about America is football because it is one of the most widely followed sports in the U.S.

The American flag represents freedom and democracy.

Scenery makes me think about America and how it has beautiful landmarks.

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