Justice NV Ramana, 48th Chief Justice of India.

Justice NV Ramana had taken the oath as 48th Chief Justice of India at a time when the higher judiciary has been grappling with host of issues ranging from inordinate delay in the appointment of judges to fill up the vacancies in its own turf and also at the level of high courts to the disquieting perception of it being not exercising its judicial independence and thus giving the overweening executive the benefit of doubt.

While the formation of nine judge constitution to hear the Sabarimala issue along with other cases of perceived religious discrimination against women in Muslim and Parsi communities had exemplified his predecessor Justice S A Bobde's determined efforts to resolve the most contested matters on faith, he had retired with a legacy of being the only Chief Justice to have not made a single recommendation of a judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

The new Chief Justice of India had his tasks cut out to ensure the people's faith in Supreme Court as the custodian of individual rights and constitutional freedom remains intact even while taking much needed steps to improve the representation of women which now stands abysmally low in the annals of country's judiciary.



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