Electoral reforms needs wider consultations.

Rather than initiate a comprehensive discussion and debate on the issue as important as electoral reforms, BJP led ruling dispensation had rammed through a law in the Parliament seeking to link electoral roll data with Aadhaar ecosystem on the strength of its brute majority.

Few would dispute the imperative need for electoral reforms, but it cannot be ushered in without wider consultations with law makers and public.

While the seeding of Aadhaar data with voter identity particulars will go a long way in preventing bogus voting, the apprehensions from the opposition and various quarters about disenfranchisement of eligible voters, violation of privacy and the possibility of demographic details of voters being used for profiling them are legitimate and deserves convincing answers from those who are at the helm in the centre



Lynching and sacrilege have to be dealt with sternly.

The sacrilege attempt at Golden Temple in Amritsar is reprehensible.

However , the subsequent lynching of a person who allegedly did it cannot be condoned.

People cannot become law unto themselves whatever might have been the provocations.

Not before the tensed atmosphere wane following the sacrilege attempt at Amritsar, an another lynching of sacrilege accused was reported from Kapurthala.

Rather than outrightly condemned the lynching, political parties across the spectrum in Punjab choose to remain muted.

Mob justice has no place in a democracy.

Climate of impunity to mete out vigilante justice should be nipped in the bud.