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Honestly, there is no “news” to report on the latest letter from Comey, which is why he is being admonished and destroyed from all sides. It is unprecedented for the FBI, of all entities, to speak on an ongoing or preliminary investigation and it is against policy to do so within the last 60 days of an election. Comey might have had good intentions, but he thought wrong. Also, even if they were to indict Hillary of something, they would do so after the election — this is established policy. We have had to find out from anonymous sources that the emails were from Anthony Wiener’s device and related to Huma Abedin. Comey should have had the DECENCY to state this in his letter. But on the issue at hand, nothing is being suppressed. Cons allege that CNN is biased liberal media, yet they have been reporting this non-stop with opinions from both sides of the issue. If nobody is clicking on these baseless stories full of innuendo on Google then it won’t “bubble up” in the results. People are tired of this mess.

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