Outlook app not working on android

The users commonly face the problem of Microsoft Outlook not working on Android. It is because some versions of Android had different settings requirement for the Exchange Server Name. To get this problem resolved, the user needs to contact the Outlook Customer Service and follow their assistance to do the needful. If users facing problem in setting up their Outlook account need to follow these steps.

Ø The Exchange Server Name field should be m.outlook.com but in case the device fails to connect then he or she needs to find the Office 365 Host Name

Ø Then he or she needs to open Outlook Web (http://mail.office365.com) and log into their account and Click Help

Ø Click About, and the Office 365 host name will appear under Host Name and then the user can find the Exchange ActiveSync server name with these steps:

Open OWA (http://mail.office365.com) and log into the account

oClick Settings

Click Options

Click Account

Click My account

Click Settings for POP and IMAP access

Under POP setting, look at the value for server name

The server name will be similar to pod51010.outlook.com

Enter this for the server and try to connect Other set up/configuration tips to remember:

Type the user full email address in the Domain\Username box

ØIf Domain and Username are separate text boxes then he or she can leave Domain field empty and type their full email address in the Username field

Some versions of Android require the domain or username format

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