New bag change or transition…

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Using my Fieldline Tactical ROE sling bag throughout my trekking in the Philippines to surviving multiple days out to a camp (still my favored bag) as a EDC or everyday carry secondary bag, I gradually switched to a bigger backpack. The backpack I now had chosen is the Tom Bihn Synapse 25:

Love the black durable 400d Halcyon Black/420d Northern Sky nylon ripstop exterior

Packing with my original #everydaycarry items from my sling bag to my backpack was a breeze. Love the main compartment’s organization and room. 420D Northern Sky now I love seeing different varieties of colors for easy looking for black or dark items works well. I “if must” could fit easily my Asus 900HD netbook and my Asus MemoPad HD7 tablet (normally in my everyday carry messenger bag) together in the second pocket.

My Asus 900HD netbook and tablet in it’s own holder together.

Field tested my Tom Bihn Synapse 25 for a much needed 2 nights and 1 day trip to San Diego from July 29 to 31 2016 to get out of my comfort zone.

com·fort zone
noun: comfort zone; plural noun: comfort zones
a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.
“times when we must act beyond our comfort zones”

First night and the main thing I carried it throughout the Philippines into Parañaque and into Pampanga is a Cocoon Travel sheet 100% Cool-max:

My sleeping items of choice throughout my days of traveling and camps: L-to-R: Texasport Fleece Sleeping bag, my favored lighter Cocoon Travel sheet, and SOL Emergency Bivvy

Saturday morning, basic clothes I purchased on-line years ago, my Scottevest Performance Shirt and Tec-hat came in handy as well carrying my camera, a Canon Powershot A1000 IS compact digital (see, Canon Power-shooting guy…) to my other everyday gear in my UTG Multi-functional tactical messenger bag (pictured below). Road trips of any length or distance to remember snacks is a must, a good smart-phone with music, and ear plugs works wonders.

My UTG Multifunctional tactical bag and items inside, yes 4.4lbs is not that bad so far…
“Pack for the best scenario, not the worst scenario” — Rick Steves

Update: My UTG Multifunctional tactical bag as of October 16, 2016 is getting it’s zippers and pocket repaired. So now my new EDC work everyday life carry bag became my original Fieldline Tactical ROE sling bag.

Reading a lot of multiple blogs on travel via being and other tumblr sites: to carryology and, I already learned to organize via packing cubes and my dry bag:

My REI 5 liter stuff sack and my Eaglecreek half packing cube

Packing light to organization (forget folding, roll ’em) in my packing half cube and dry bag for clothes and the quarter cube holding my electronics: Power adapter for my netbook, a charging cable for my Go Pro Hero3, and smaller items. With my REI 5 liter dry bag, I could pack some extra clothes making it a full week if must or up to a 10 day trip as well. A person awhile I visited Long Beach, California dropped a travel bag so… “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure” cleaned it up became holding my other electronics, a Raspberry PI which became my open source media center and my 1TB portable hard drive.

My clothes I taken for my 2 nights 1 day trip in San Diego:

1 Scottevest 16*-pockets packable windbreaker jacket (Heck, that thing is always with me):

Went for the Olive Green one…

(*Became 16 pockets because the left-side sunglasses/cellphone pocket torn became one large pocket, my fault…)

1 Scottevest Travel 10-pockets travel short. Love these shorts, quick drying nylon and 10 pockets lets me carry additional gear if I wanted to leave my backpack and my messenger bag in the room, as well becoming swim shorts

Seriously, I wish these shorts weren’t discontinued… :-(

1 Alpine Design water shorts (Purchased discounted at Sports Authority)

Quick drying and useful during recent travels to a camp

1 Nike thin silk shorts for sleeping
1 pair of cotton socks (Going to purchase a wool hiking socks soon)
1 pair of cotton Hanes underwear
1 32 degree Cool shirt (Costco had these, worn them twice throughout the Philippines had kept me nice and cool, love ‘em)
1 folded tightly Boxfresh thin cotton cargo pants

This does not include my personal emergency clothes in my UTG Multifunctional tactical messenger bag (pictured above):

1 32 degree Cool Black t-shirt 
1 Ex-Officio boxer brief (REI had them, so I got one now itching for two)

17 Countries. 6 Weeks. And one pair of underwear. Okay, maybe two

1 Black cotton comfortable beanie cap 
1 IZOD sleeping shorts or makeshift spare boxer brief.

Another item that kept saving me for carrying items to separating things between my two bags was my Outdoor Products packable day-pack:

My Outdoor Products packable day-pack I used for hiking (the stuff I normally bring)

Field testing review on Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning: Carrying simple light carry of gear includes my jacket and my other needed items to walking around experiencing first the Extreme Auto-Fest to some areas of San Diego really seriously “I say it again seriously is a breeze. Experiencing minor sweating due to the weather in my back but not much I could do about it due to the humidity here during 82 to higher degree weather in San Diego, California to me never was a drawback with backpacks to me at all. My Tom Bihn Synapse 25 to me really has comfortable straps that easily adjusts and the detachable sternum strap works wonders. Photographing areas awhile carrying the Tom Bihn to moving around was nice:

Qualcomm Stadium, baby, home of the San Diego Chargers. Parking lot actually.

Saturday night, you guessed it again my Cocoon 100% Cool-max travel sheet to this time a spare wool blanket due to our shared air conditioned room awoken me sometimes, no biggie. Love seriously packing light and for future references, this list helps “Rick Steves Packing List” for maybe… hopefully future travels.

Returning home, the field testing of my new Tom Bihn Synapse 25 was perfect with flying colors will start making myself to go to more traveling (soon possibly San Francisco and other local areas) or #microadventures with it and getting temporarily even a few days out of my comfort zone.