I Love Business.

I just want to write, to express myself while in a state of confusion.

I may be wrong but there is something I don’t understand and that is raising money. I can see how it can make sense for companies that need all the share of the market or else they’re a failure.

However, claiming how you will need a $300,000 funding for a Saas startup that should be up and running with a few grand just boggles my mind. Who are you kidding here? I mean I get you don’t have $10,000 but can’t you save those $10,000? Can’t you take a loan from friends and family?

In my case I have never taken a penny from outside. This includes friends and family. We built a product, made sales, and saved up. That’s it.

This week we had an opportunity to take up on a $50,000 loan at SociallyRich and we decided to pass on it.

If you believe so much in your company then why would you rather give up equity or pay extra for money you can earn and make?

Here is the best part about organically growing your company…

You get to LIVE in the bush, and you don’t have to live in it forever but you can learn how to embrace this process of watching a company grow by the techniques you are applying.

Testing things very fast, understanding what works, what doesn’t and why. This knowledge is the expertise and experience that is worth much more than any degree in college.

As Tim Story refers to in his book “Relentless” this is what separate the good from great and this is what makes you a “cleaner”. A CEO that understands and knows every process of his business. The most important part for you to understand about this process is that you’re not just learning the process for your business only but for any business in general. The practice of being a cleaner in your business is a universal language in business.

As much as the downers can truly sucks, those test days where everything seems to be going wrong. Those situations that make you feel like you’re going down a spiral to extinction, I embrace those too.

I love talking to my customers, I love analyzing and looking at my numbers, I love selling, I love marketing, I love testing, I embrace every single step, I love business, I love it so much I write this article in grace of it.

Thank You Entrepreneurship. For buying me the freedom to write this in places like these..

Ramon Berrios