You’re Not a Social Media Expert.

What I Know will be My Most Controversial Post of 2017

I want to start the year off by calling out those individuals who have taken over my Facebook feed. These are the so called Instagram experts, those with no proven track record or results to stake their claim. They just pop out of the blue and the best part about this, there’s a new one every day! So while we are at it, at least a shortage of these so-called “social media experts” is not an issue :)

That said, let me explain why I created SociallyRich as I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to do so, and one which I think will serve as a good account of myself if you don’t know who I am. In the process of starting an Instagram account and amassing over 20,000 followers in just 4 months (, I practiced every single technique out there in order to grow my social media accounts. After doing so and figuring out the trick to it, I created a service through which I could automate this process and do it for others as well. The process is very simple; no “secrets”, “magic” or anything of that nature.

In fact, the results my clients have achieved after using this service have been so great that it has resulted in an increase in demand for the service. I had to shut down other businesses of mine just so I could focus on SociallyRich and cater to the increased demand going into 2017. We are even planning on launching our next software service based on OUR EXPERIENCE: Winning techniques we have noticed in the industry (social media) for sure fire results. We solve problems that not only get you noticed, but help you generate leads, close sales, establish a brand and most importantly, monetize your audience.

Most of these self-proclaimed social media experts only provide you with the details of what you should do, but none of them provide the tools, SOLUTIONS, or evidence of what they have been able to accomplish. At SociallyRich, we not only provide you with the details, but we also create solutions from scratch just for you. It’s so much easier to tell other people what to do without having to sweat it out yourself.

Even if you Google “easiest ways to make money”, one of the top recommendations will be social media consulting. Yup, just because!

Most of these social media managers, consultants, community managers, you name it, outsource all of their work or have teams that do the consulting work. So when you hire them, do you even know who you’re paying at the end of the day?

I am not saying we don’t do consulting. But when we work directly with companies, such as our recent work with brands like Hard Rock Hotels and Four Season Hotels, let alone meeting and selling to Grant Cardone — Author of the 10X and Be Obsessed or Be Average, or some of you may know him as a real estate mogul with a net worth of over $500 million — all of this was accomplished by building a rapport through social media until we got the point where a face-to-face meeting was much overdue.

At SociallyRich, only the co-founders handle ALL of the emails and ALL of the clients’ accounts. I often die of laughter every time people tell me that what we are doing is not scalable; yet we see them apply our same strategies as time goes by. We notice this when their curiosity piques and they start to question.

We have a private Facebook group in which all our clients post their testimonials and the results they have achieved through SociallyRich. Not only do our clients experience an increase in their sales figures within our 3-day free trial period; moreover, they love how they can talk directly to the founders whenever they have any questions and are impressed by our fast response.

I am not saying this to condescend or prove anything. I am writing this to state how we do it, where we are, where we are headed, and why we are doing it. I am writing this for the appreciation of the industry, to hopefully let people take this more seriously and have respect for the professionals that are in it.

No one in the industry has the time we have, the resources we have and most importantly, the energy we have. We can help a company achieve success on any social media platform, regardless of the industry they operate in. We identify their objectives and focus our efforts by giving it everything we have got. We implement only the best strategies which we know will work the best depending on the industry, geographical location, or target demographic.

We train a company’s marketing team so that they can better use their time in leveraging the true power of social media. Companies which had been branded as “not for social media” have achieved 10X more sales just through social media.

Besides being a social media software business co-founder and a consultant, I am also an influencer. With an audience reach of over 70,000 followers throughout the several social media accounts I maintain, so yeah! That said, we work with companies to help them maximize their exposure through influencer marketing since we have been influencers ourselves.

We are social media gurus because we jumped into the industry, saw what was lacking, and did everything in our power to fill that gap by creating solutions.

No one fills the gaps in the field we cater to better than we do. Why? It’s because when we started off, we spent an obsessive amount of time on understanding the industry. It even went to the point that we quit college and our day jobs just for the sake of this.

If I had to say why we have done this better than anyone else, it’s because we are not afraid of failing. We failed often and sometimes quite miserably, but suffering from failure on more the several occasions has led us to do what we do in the best manner possible.

If you or your company wants to dominate your industry, we are eager to prove our mettle and help you achieve what you are looking for.