How to Improve Customer Retention in Ecommerce: a Lesson From the Baby Products Industry

Credit: Mathew Roth

Parents overhaul their shopping habits (and indeed nearly every life habit) when a baby is born. It’s a massive opportunity for brick-and-mortar and e-retailers alike.

High Purchase Frequency

High purchase frequency is one of the main causes for loyalty and retention in retail. Shoppers don’t have the time to research and compare prices – especially new parents.

Clifton and Victoria, founders of Natural Baby Shower

As the preferred online destination for parents of young children to buy natural and organic products, they have earned the trust of a very frequent and loyal type of customer: a gold mine for retailers.

Mitzi Rivas and Amie Garcia, founders of Livie & Luca

Key Takeaways




Growth marketer. Author of Ecommerce Genome.

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Ramon Pedrollo Bez

Ramon Pedrollo Bez

Growth marketer. Author of Ecommerce Genome.

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