10 Daily Ideas Project — 03.20.2016

When was the last time you came up with 10 ideas? When was the last time you came up with 10 ideas every day?

I bet it’s been a long time since you came up with even 5 idea, and that is a serious issue. Why? Think of your ability to generate an idea like a muscle. If you don’t exercise that muscle, it will atrophy.

I call this systemic problem idea atrophy.

I would love nothing more than to take credit for the 10 daily ideas project but I stole the idea from James Altucher. Altucher has a rather interesting story. And James attributes a good part of his success to generating 10 ideas per day.

So the plan is simple — write down 10 ideas every day. It does not matter if they are good ideas or bad ideas. Or even if the idea is unconventional — your goal is to exercise your idea muscle every day.

What do you do with those 10’s of ideas? Well, you should review them once a week and pick out one that sounds like a winner. Now execute — keeping in mind that execution is nothing more than a subset of ideas.

Now it’s your turn to write down 10 ideas so you can keep your idea muscle from sliding into atrophy. Here are my 10 Daily Ideas:

  1. List 20 video ideas that you can post on Twitter that will demonstrate you are an authority in your industry. Once you have the ideas, create a schedule to post those videos.
  2. Make a commitment for the 12 months to improve yourself 1% every day. What should you focus on — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health.
  3. Dare yourself, every day, to do something out of your comfort zone.
  4. At the end of every day ask yourself — Who did I help today?
  5. Are you struggling to post regular content on your site? Then create a content strategy where you take video from an industry authority, and you write 500 words about that video. A good place to start TED or TEDx.
  6. People are creating Instagram content on their desktop and then moving it to their mobile device only to post it to Instagram. That is a potential market for Instagram. The company should build products that allow people to create content on their computer and uploaded it from their computer.
  7. Imagine having a smart bed. One that not only connects to the Internet but that could monitor your sleeping patterns, diagnosis sleep apnea, determine you skins hydration, wake you at the end of your sleep cycle, etc.
  8. What if you had a toilet that was your lab? When you do number 1 or number 2, the toilet will run tests. And let you know if you are healthy or if there is an issue or if it’s just monitoring a current condition.
  9. What if your toothbrush was smart? It would test for cavities, gum disease, or other issues before they became chronic.
  10. Write a 3,000-word article on idea atrophy. Post it to your blog and then guest write it on a popular blog.

Originally published at www.ramonbnuezjr.com.