What Is The Game You Play — Long Or Short

Do you want to be #1 in the World or are you playing to become the best version of you? Most businesses will migrate to the former — to be #1 in the World.

Now while that vision might appear to be the correct answer, it’s not. When your focus is to be #1 you have blinders on, and you commit much of your resources to beat everyone else. The problem with that mentality is that there will always be a company that is better than yours.

So eventually you will fail at being #1.

Instead, focus your company on becoming the best version of itself. Simon Sinek, leadership authority, gives an example of this philosophy:

I was speaking at an education conference at Microsoft, and I also spoke at an education conference at Apple. At the education conference at Microsoft, 70% of the executives spent about 70% of their presentation talking about how to beat Apple. At the Apple education summit, 100% of the executives spent 100% of their presentation talking about how to help teachers teach and how to help students learn. One is playing to be #1 in the World, and one is playing to be the best version of itself.”

Can you guess which company is planning how they can be a better version of themselves?

So how do you make that shift in optics? By restructuring the vision based on a simple question — “How can we become a better version of ourselves today, than what we were yesterday?”

The question is simple, but it paints a significant picture that you are the competition. And by adopting that philosophy, you are guaranteeing that your company can stay in the game longer.

I am a freelance writer, who studies leadership. My research focus is on interviewing CEOs and founders. The series is called The Leader’s Game Plan and is posted exclusively on the Huffington Post. For more info, contact me at ramonbnuezjr.com.