Hurricane Harvey Relief

Texas will always have my heart.

As many of you know South-East Texas was hit with a monster storm. A Category 4 hurricane turned tropical storm. As of writing this — Houston, TX and surrounding areas have continued to get rain (30+ inches in some places) and will keep getting pounded with rain until Thursday.

I struggled with what to do for the city and state that made me. I recently moved to New Jersey for work and keep hearing “I bet you’re glad you’re not there right now.” If you’ve ever met someone from Texas you know that we aren’t “glad” we are safe when the rest of our fellow Texans are suffering. We want to be there, we want to help.

Below is a list of places you can donate money, clothes, resources, time. Whatever you can give helps.

Texas Diaper Bank— With so many families being displaced the need for diapers is massive. The Texas Diaper Bank provides diapers for babies, seniors, and the disabled

Global Giving Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund— They have raised $1.3 million in 3 days and need to hit $2 million by the end of the campaign.

JJ Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund— Started by Houston Texans own Defensive star JJ Watt. Originally started as a fund to raise $200,000, but when that goal was reached in a few hours he upped it to $500,000 and needed to raise the goal again a couple more times. The goal is currently $1.5 million and it’s sitting at over $1.2 million earned.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund— Created by Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner. The fund will be housed at the Greater Houston Community Foundation.

Baker Ripley— Baker Ripley will be involved with long-term relief. Once the flood waters have receded BR will step in and begin the cleanup and recover process.

I know there are many places you can donate and please feel free to do so. A number of people, businesses, and organizations are doing their part to help with the relief efforts.

Stories of individuals donating their time and boats to go out and save those who are stranded on their roofs and helping them out of their flooded homes.

Many are donating food and volunteering their time. It really shows how Texans and those around Texas can come together to help one another.

Truth be told I’m writing this because I don’t know what else to do. Jumping on a plane and flying down is not something I can easily do. What I can do is donate and write.

Texas will always have my heart and will always be my home. I know we will come together and grow stronger because we are #TexasStrong and we are #HoustonStrong.

EDIT: 08/31/17

I decided to do a little more so I made a shirt. You can see it below

All profits will go to the JJ Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund. You can buy your shirt here —