Day 1 — Building a SaaS in 90 days: an arsenal for designer’s productivity

Design is a process, to be done quickly

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Digital design is not just the beauty that you see displayed on your screen magically drawn by someone. That’s just the output. You can’t understand design solely by studying the output, just as the prisoners chained up in Plato’s Cave cannot fully understand the outside world solely by studying the shadows it casts on the wall in front of them.

Design is a process.

To be good at this process, you must master tools like Photoshop or Sketch and know precisely where to find good design assets and how join them.

And you must be able to do it quickly. You must be productive allowing yourself to turn ideas into outputs, because your ability to think about design is probably much faster than your ability to turn then into art.

I am a web-developer for more than 10 years, full-stack. From Brazil.

I am creating a new tool (a desktop app) to assist the design process.

In the last two years I’ve been an entrepreneur where, among another stuffs, I created two design apps: FontDrop to work with fonts, and IconDrop for icons. They are all unsuccessful…

Hell, so I really need to make it work now. So my idea now is to combine these two tools in to a single one, adding more features, and creating an app which is an arsenal of assets for a designers. And I will make it a SaaS.

I’ve never built a SaaS before. Maybe you didn’t too. So you might learn something while you watch me struggle to get it working.

If you care about design/UX, you should care about this tool because it will save you a lot of time.

In the end, I am writing this for commitment in this journey. I am writing this to seek guidance in the process so someone can help me.

Maybe writing is the best thing you can do to get clearance on what you are doing.

To create a SaaS product (out of my previous tools) and get 20 happy customers — in 90 days.

The product: a desktop tool for designer’s productivity, containing an arsenal of assets for designer’s productivity, that’s why I am calling it DesignArsenal.

Day #1

The real goal to start off is to get the site and MVP done ASAP, so I can get users to test it; so I get on the phone and call designers to get their feedback.

So my friend, I need to write code as never before.

Today I will just work in desktop app, so its all about hands on code.

That’s all for day #1.

You though it would be easy?

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