`EFF of Austin gathering..

I dont know how many of ya’ll are in the greater Austin area.. or how many of ya’ll know what The Electronic Frontier Foundation of Austin is.. but they are having a get together on Sept 8th and Id like to meet some of ya’ll there.. I’m 6 foot 7 inches of the tallest Spaniard you’ll ever meet.. at 260 pounds with long hair and glasses.. can’t miss me.. I’ll probably go from like 6pm-10pm and then go to work for a few hours.. unless I’m really enjoying myself.. what can they do to me at work.. they already know the 21st is my last day.. :)

Im starting to wonder about something I saw a few minutes ago..

If you have ideas, questions, and general comments, contactlaura@internetcreatorsguild.com.

should I have run this by her, instead of posting it up myself?

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