Graduating Into the Real World

My name is Ramon Luquin Jr and I am graduating from California State University Long Beach (CSULB), with a degree in Political Science.

After 5 long years in college, I get to graduate to the real world. I came into the university system as a 17-year-old guy with a lot of ambitions but no direction. I have been told that the real world is a cold and relentless place, without much sympathy for your problems.

I came into enter college as a: reserved, shy, awkward and know-it-all person. But, as I started to work and progress in my college career, I came to the conclusion that I had to be more outgoing and open, to make friends and connections. There was no way ,that I was going to land a great job if I continued to be the person I am.

I feel that my courses, work experience and internships have prepared me for the real-world. My professors had no tolerance for late work, so I had to make sure that I met the deadlines on time. There was no excuse or push-back for a project that was due. The work has to be done, regardless of how many other assignments or work you had to do. Working at an office for three years really defeated my social anxiety. My heart used to drop when I would get a phone call or speak in front of a meeting. Now, I am comfortable with who I am and can effectively do my work. What my previous experiences taught me was that hard work, persistence and a great leader are all needed to prosper and develop.

It is now time for me to get my degree, start my career, continue to develop as an individual and establish a legacy.