Building Cloud Storage Systems With The Right Service Provider

Cloud services provide an advanced technological solution for fast and efficient data storage.

You can build a cloud storage system with a reliable network for personal usage as well as enterprise storage.

Scalability requirements may make it an expensive solution.

However, the lowering costs of storage per gigabyte typically offset these costs. All you need to do is find a reputed cloud server.

Exploring cloud¾Advantages and complexity

With a cloud network, you can access your files anytime you want. Irrespective of whether you’re using a desktop computer, a laptop or any other device — you can simply pull your required file from the cloud. No need to save it on multiple hard drives, USBs or data storage applications.

However, the infrastructure is complex. The right server provider will ensure simple features to create and save your files over the Internet.

At most, you’ll have to launch a personal account on your devices to access your saved files. You will be able to modify, replace or delete these files.

Finding the right cloud storage provider

A number of affordable cloud services are listed on the Internet. Consider these three factors to start your search:

1. Cost

Usually, a cloud provider will offer multiple service plans. For instance, Global Host Inc. provides plans starting from $15 USD per month. The package tiers are based on storage space, dictating the amount of data you can store.

While you may work with less number of files, some formats are heavier than others. Make sure you have enough capacity before you sign up for a plan.

2. Usability

Your cloud service provider must make it easy to work with remote data. It shouldn’t be any more complex than what you’d expect from files saved on local drives.

Test out the user interface and responsiveness of a system. Never sign up for a server with usability limitations as it can affect productivity.

3. Server reliability

Opt for a reputed service provider. Most often, web hosting services offer cloud storage servers too. Go for a service that is reliable and can offer sufficient support.

Even expensive cloud servers can face downtime, lose data and experience security issues. This is why we recommend committing to the brand.

Check out Global Host Inc. if you’re still looking for a cloud service provider. They offer four different cloud storage packages with space ranging between 30 and 80 GB on SSD. Moreover, they provide free OS reinstallation, migration, DDoS protection and control panel installation.