I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.
Quincy Larson

privacy is an illusion , there has never been privacy at all, god is always seeing what you do, so you must clean up your messed up life and do the right thing. Of course, no one should have the right to seized your data. I wonder if at borders, it’s really legal for these officers to use this privacy invading powers . So basically you are subject to a war zone type of scenario? So , you can perfectly resist not to provide the password, and wait to be released. The problem is they can deport you back. I think that a solution is to install software that will render your data unreadable if any program like Elcomsoft was used to upload your data. So basically something that could alter the contents of the files but not the names and structure so that the program is fooled thinking the data has been stolen. As this is basically the police stealing your data . This is orwellian and unjustified. They should not have this right. People are acting like sheeps allowing these wolves to dig into things like these. Fear mongering is and will always be the source of all wars and dramas of our lives. The governments instilling fear know that by doing so , they have masses undera constant state of shock, thus easily maniuplable by the sense of “uncle sam is taking care of you” . This is no different to any comunist rulership system.

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