Aprenda como injetar o ViewModel utilizando o Dagger Hilt no seu projeto

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Relembrando: Architecture Components

Entenda passo-a-passo como integrar a mais nova engine de injeção de dependência do Android Jetpack

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Learn how to get started using the new feature for faster and safe view bindings on your Android projects

Android Studio 3.6 Canary 11 revamped launch screen

View Binding on Android: a brief story

The Era of findViewById()

The Rise of View Binding Libraries

Confira como foi o maior evento sobre comunidades do Brasil

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Chegando ao escritório da Google

Kotlin island west side

Firstly, take these stuffs in mind!

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Fotos: 8D.Marketing


#1 Way: The hardcoded (and ugly) way

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Dia #1: Workshops

Ramon Ribeiro Rabello

Father, Speaker, Tech Lead Mobile @ Zup

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