Circle of Life

There’s nothing more like the birth of my child that makes me think about the Circle of Life.

I picture Simba being raised to the afternoon sun in Disney’s Lion King when I utter those words. It looks a lot like how I have to (less dramatically) place my baby under the afternoon sun to get him some vitamin D. I picture my life as a child, my parents doing the same to me. I picture him growing up, and being misunderstood as a teenager, then getting over that and become a man. I picture him in his thirties, with kids of his own, and a wife as lovely as his mom. Finally, I picture him feeling curious about his old man’s thoughts and stumbling into some of his writing.

Unlike the Circle of Life however, are the things and thoughts we leave behind. They have the potential to stay on for many generations. They can be prodded, studied, and contemplated on. One thing’s for sure — I’d like this to be available for him to read when he’s older, so he knows that what he has gone through and is going through is just like the previous generations before him.

So, here goes my third attempt at keeping a blog. I will write down my thoughts from personal, professional, technical, to political for future generations to read, and occasionally, when I forget, for me to read as well. Hopefully, as I write, I will get better at it and my pieces will be less painful to read.

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