Why a Clean Building Matters

In an increasingly competitive business environment where the smallest of details can influence success, a clean working space matters, and this extends to your external premises. As customers we make quick decisions based on first appearances, often without realising, which strongly affect how we perceive a business and whether we want to engage with them. A worn or dirty building in disrepair, won’t offer the best impression to reach the people you want to engage with; in fact, it will more likely present a carelessness and unproductivity that will negatively impact on how your business is perceived. In addition, a building which isn’t maintained could leave an unsafe environment for staff, visitors or even passers-by. To avoid these issues, frequently cleaning your building and the surrounding external areas is an important consideration whatever type of business you operate and will positively reflect your business’ values from the inside and out:

Protect your business’ assets

The premises where your business is carried out are an important asset which should be properly protected and maintained with regular, proper cleaning. Leaving your building to become worn and uncared for could result in costly expenditures later down the line, as you may have to restore and replace features quicker or on a larger scale than you would if it was maintained on a consistent basis.

If you’re situated in a listed or older stone building, maintaining it will help to preserve its character and long heritage. This would be a great way to promote your own reputable standing, as people seeing it will associate your business with the quality and prestige that the building reflects.

Reducing health and safety risks

A properly cleaned building not only looks better, it is a health and safety measure which will lower the risks of injury or ill-health, as well as your potential liability. A clean, properly maintained vicinity will prevent slips or falls for a safe work environment. Also, mould is a common problem in the colder months and can build up on the external surfaces of buildings. This could cause discolouration to the building, however it could also pose health risks for those occupying it. The safety of your environment should always be a top priority, therefore introducing regular maintenance secures the safety of those around you and protect you financially.

Improve productivity

Clean buildings which appear more attractive are more likely to boost staff morale and increase productivity. A clean space where people will want to work, will be much more appealing than a dirty, dull and uninspiring building. You’ll reduce the likelihood of absenteeism and provide a better working atmosphere for a stronger workforce.

First impressions mean everything

Again, your company’s image extends to how you conduct business in all aspects. As the front of your business, a properly maintained and clean external building can be used as a marketing tool that helps you improve your reputation. A clean building will enhance the appearance of your working environment, your appearance as a company and the first impression that you will make for your valued customers.

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