Banat San Gaspar!

Welcome to Brgy. San Gaspar, Salcedo, Ilocos Sur. Come and visit our barangay. It is about 3 km away in poblacion. You can ride a tricycle or you can simply walk.
This is our Brgy. Plaza. We conducted assembly meeting here. This is also the place where we conducted our fiesta.
This is basketball court in our barangay where players conducted their practice. Sometimes, players from other barangay went here and have a match up with San Gaspar team.
This is the Barangay Hall where you can find the office of the brgy officials. It is the place where they settle many issues of the constituents.
This is the day care center where kids aged 5 years old and below studied. Ma’am Levi is the currently assigned to take care the center and the kids.
At the back of the day care center, you can find a simple and colorful garden designed by my uncle Alex together with the brgy officials.
In our barangay, many are farmers and they contributed a lot for our food.
A beautiful view of the mountains.
View of the mountains in the farm field.
In our barangay, you can find mini fish pond.
A sunset view in the farm field.
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