How the Uganda Electoral Commission Carried Out A Mass Rigging of 2016 Elections!!

It is quite common sense that the electoral commission rigged the 2016 elections in favor of the incumbent.There was a somber mood across the entire nation after Eng.Kigundu announced the presidential results. The e.c results were very disputable;how they were imparted results,the level of shoddiness they(e.c) portrayed in disseminating them left a lot to be desired.

Mr.Kigunddu Used this book maybe

I would like to show you from my own perspective how the electoral commission rigged the citizens of Uganda especially those that voted in favor of the Opposition.

Eng Badru KIgundu the Chairman of the Ugandan Electoral Commision

1.) Bringing election material late, in areas where opposition is strong/opposition strong holds,i.e Kampala & Wakiso (2–2.5 million voters) in these areas.This was witnessed by Ugandan citizens and also international as well as local observers!!.

2.)Changing results from polling stations. Besigye, accompanied by the Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, FDC and other opposition officials, said he had received a tip-off about this house being used as an IT base where presidential election results would be altered before being sent on to the Electoral Commission’s official tallying centre at the Nelson Mandela National Stadium at Namboole.However, there are rumors about town that started on Wednesday Feb. 17 that claim the real electronic rigging is being carried out somewhere in Entebbe.

3.)Police brutality against voters,intimidation and the arrest of Opposition leaders.

The military in Kampala City

4.) Failure to account and show statistics on how the e.c arrived at the final results.A number of journalists and the opposition were concern on how the e.c arrived at the numbers they were announcing.The e.c failed to show the public results from all poling stations for reference.

Mugisha Muntu at F.D.C headquaters

5.)Threatening media houses and refusing them to show Ugandans how Uganda Voted.N.B.S among other media houses had there own polling centers and were counting all votes across Uganda.The E.C. was threatened then ordered for halting of the exercise.

Muntu on N.B.S

6.)News reaching us (citizens) is that the e.c never counted votes from over 1200 polling stations and these stations were opposition strong holds.The monitor had railed an article citing details this morning but the gov’t ordered them to remove it from it’s official website!!(monitor)It is said that the 1200 poling stations had about 1 million voters and this accounts for 13% of registered voters.

7.)Deputy secretary General of FDC Harold Kaija among those arrested with 7 other data entry clerks- Ssemujju.It is widely believed that the data used by the e.c. was fraudulent so F.D.C had gathered all the Declaration Forms from all over the country for verification but were intercepted by police.

8.)Pre ticked ballot papers and ballot stuffing.Perhaps one of those old tactics of vote rigging!

Ballot Box,Uganda

Other tactics included shutting down of social media and mobile money to deter Ugandans from communicating.

These among other tactics were used by the government and E.C. to rig Ugandans and the opposition.We shall continue updating this article everyday and shall keep you posted.

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