Well, you seem to have stumbled over this. Whether the reason be that you noticed my Tweet and were bored so just clicked on the link or you like reading about other lives and how they compare to yours. I have no idea where you come from, what your life is like or how happy you currently are. What I’m desperate to talk about is how I feel, how I react to certain situations and how I want to change. Keep in mind, that I’m 15 years old, so try to ignore any grammar errors and the occasional cheesy one-liner, that may find a way in.

If I was to be completely honest, today (5 June 2016), was not a very eventful day. Your day doesn’t, however, have to be eventful for you to start thinking more about certain things. In-fact, I’m almost positive that people think more when they’re not doing anything, than when they are. When you’re in motion, you’re focusing on what’s going on and the, “top layer”, of your mind. When you’re sitting in your room, no music, no socialising and no background distractions, you start to realise everything. Your mind forces you to take a step back from your current perspective. You may argue that this is a good thing because you may end up thinking about other people and how much you affect them. Other people may argue that this is when/where you’re at your deepest of thoughts.

Here’s a list of exactly what I did today:

  • Woke up
  • Breakfast
  • Shower
  • Social Media / Music — for a while…
  • Watched Andy Murray loose to Novak Djokovic in the French Open
  • Had lunch, while watching the tennis
  • Procrastinated
  • Dinner
  • More procrastination
  • Here I am now, in bed, if you’re that interested

How I would’ve liked my day to go:

  • Wake up
  • Breakfast
  • Run
  • Shower
  • Learned something about web development
  • Talked to a girl and made them laugh
  • Lunch
  • Offered to help my family in the garden
  • Spent time with my family
  • Dinner
  • Listened to music and relaxed, knowing that I had accomplished something
  • Got into bed to type up a happier article

I bet you CAN guess what the difference between how my day actually went and how I would have liked my day to go. The answer is motivation and passion. If I was to have woken up with the feeling of, “I feel fresh, motivated and passionate towards making the most of my day” I’d be a different person entirely. Sadly, I woke up to the feeling of, “Do I really have to get out of bed? I have nothing on today. Ugh, why can it not just be summer?”. I’m certain that there are other people who share the same wishes and experiences as me. (when you overthink things, you may feel more comfortable about HOW you feel. But Life isn’t about surviving with the sense of comfort, it’s about getting yourself out of, “Your comfort zone”). This is what a lot of people lack. The motivation and determination to just say to yourself, “I’m going to go for a run this morning”, or, “I’m going to say, ’Hi’ to my crush today for the first time”.

Here’s the reason I started this article. This is when it gets deep, like it wasn’t already before. I can’t do it. I’m not writing this, to motivate myself, just as a log to see if I can change myself and let me see the kind of person I was like. Let me use an example for the kind of person I am right now. I’m extremely lucky to be in my situation, with an amazing education, supportive family and funniest of friends. For some reason, I don’t show respect. Or I don’t show as much as I really want to. I don’t feel like I should be making the most of my education because I’m being given so many opportunities already in my life, or I should offer my family help with jobs and chores when they provide for me. People do things for me, but why can’t I urge myself to do things for them? Yes, I’ll unload the dishwasher when the ask me to. Yes, I’ll attend the meeting about what school clubs I can get involved in. Never, can I think before getting someone else to think for me. Never, will I randomly buy my mother flowers on my way home from school. Never, will I decide to do the bins just because they’re looking full. I don’t feel that if I don’t do these small things, I won’t face the consequences. If I don’t do it, how can I be affected by it. So far, I believe that what I’ve experienced must just be my family giving me chances, hoping that one day, in the, “near future” I’ll mature and think for others rather than just what song to listen to next. I’ve realised that after that spark in my article, I didn’t get to my example. Today, we had a family meeting. If you do not know what a family meeting consists of, there are two occasions. One where they reveal this years’ holiday location. The other being, how the parents feel let down by the children. I respect that parents and their children shouldn’t have a one way path of providence. What I mean by that, is children should provide for their parents just as much as parents provide for their children. No, you don’t need to buy your mum and dad dinner (making it would, however, be a good idea) everyday. No, you shouldn’t need to pay for everything. I’m saying you should put effort into giving them back what they give to you. Making them coffee when they come in from work, watering the plants in the garden, taking the dog for a walk. As I said, I don’t think about these kind of things, and this is what I want to change.

From now on, at midnight on the 5th of June, I will do at least one GOOD thing for my parents. Whether it be making them a coffee, doing the bins or even giving them a jolly good hug.

If you are in my situation and feel that you should be giving/respecting your parents more or the people you, “should” care about, let yourself know that it’ll be difficult at first. I don’t know what I’ll turn out to be when I’m older. All I hope is that I can: 1. Look back and smile at this article. 2. Know that I put effort into making my family and friends smile.

Tip of The Article: Sometimes being honest about how you feel about things is not always a good idea.

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