10 ‘Good’ things about “Trump/Pence/Ryan(don’t)Care 2.0”

1: Cadaver prices will plummet.

2: Rapists will be relieved from having their sexual assault survivors reporting to the authorities due to the catastrophic potential rise of their health insurance costings.

3: As long as you’re a young white male that’s never sinned, only sinners get sick, your health care will be “cheep”.

4: If you have stock in health insurance companies, get ready to buy a 5' longer boat! Hurrah!

5: If you’re thinking of becoming an emergency medical technician, you’ll never be out of work.

6: With reduced regulations on poisons dumped into drinking water and our planet, there will be a tremendous quantity of fun and unusual tumors and cancers for pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for and provide to “customers” at 100X the production and development costs! Double Hurrah!

7: With the looming reduction in life expectancy and increase in bankruptcies, vulture-ish land and housing acquisitions will be extremely profitable.

8: Finally, the libertarians will have “proof” of how well their system works. . .

9: Stock in walking/marching shoe producers will skyrocket, as will that of four foot long, two inch wide and one half inch thick rough sticks and two foot square card grade stock.

10: Hypocrisy this naked can only be supported by citizens who are either insane, deranged, psychotic, who have a cultist mentality or are a combination of all of the above. Thus showcasing the difference between the sinking and floating turds.