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About a decade ago, my elder brother had a management position at a medical supply company. It supplied beds, oxygen tanks, etc. Yet, it took him over half a year to get medical coverage through that company and when he finally did the cost of it for him was tremendous for himself, his wife and three young kids. That was a guy working a middle class job in the medical industry, getting good pay and even he had trouble covering those costs.

Pre the “Affordable Care Act” it was common for insurance to be sold which didn’t cover emergency room visits, medication for treatments and would severely cap the “lifetime” amount that could be spend on a patient. Thus, because of very complex and convoluted clauses in the insurance agreement, people would get sick or get into an accident and then discover that their insurance company wouldn’t pay for any of it.

A guy I knew who was a retired businessman and self made millionaire, lost everything due to his getting cancer which sent his monthly insurance cost up to over $10,000 and that didn’t include the medications and procedures that he had to personally pay for that the insurance wouldn’t cover.

The irony of what happened to him is supreme. Since he literally achieved the “American Dream” and then had that dream burn down when he was the victim of an industry that is supposedly organized how it is, so as to perpetuate the ideals of a business/profit based society.

Having a profit based company between people who are sick and people who heal those that are sick, is, well, it’s insane.

As you said thought John Hopkins there is no such thing as a system that is devoid of abuse, financial or otherwise.