I used to be baffled about the States because of that: how can such an advanced country be so…
Ana Frusinoiu

America was founded on the principles of religious fanaticism and perpetuated by such. The enslavement and genocide of the native peoples of America was backed up the religious principles. As was the keeping of African slaves. The slave owners would point to scripture detailing their authority to keep slaves. Thus, it is with tremendous irony that said slaves, once they adopted Christianity, used parts of the bible to prove how they would escape their enslavement.

The Victorian era here is when all religious extremist hell broke loose. That was in the late 1800’s and the prudish mentality of that period inspired people to censor their history. To the extent that they burned journals of their ancestors which described “sinning” and the like.

One of the most curious examples of how a present mentality can alter the perception of the past is Abraham Lincoln. Who was an atheist that read the bible daily. He did so, so that he could argue with and understand religious people, not because he was religious himself. Yet, they print posters today glorifying Lincoln that include scriptures on them. Aligning him with the religious beliefs of the current right wing.

An aspect of what has continued the perpetuation of religion here is that it is, in theory at least, separated from the political power. IE. state funds can’t be used directly to construct churches or the like. Thus, that separation sets up a battle of sorts between religion and politics. Where people, especially those on the right, vote for a candidate because of their affiliation with religion especially in regard to a forcible repression of women and gays.

Not all religious practices do such, but the most powerful manifestations of them do. They acquire and propel their potency via authoritarian principles and practices. A monumental aspect of this is that they draw a “good or evil” line and use it to denote why they should be voted for. Then once in office, they are in the free and clear as long as they push for the permanence of said line. That’s why Mike Pence, the vice President here, was chosen. He holds hard to the anti choice and anti gay marriage line. Thus, speaking directly to the evangelical republican base.

It’s all kinds of disturbing.

My main takeaway from Trump and everything that has transpired in the last few years here is that political ideals are based upon personalities of the voters then anything else. They aren’t based on logic, knowledge, intelligence, principles or anything else to the extent that they are based on the voters personality.