You’re missing a point here and it’s an obvious one.
Clay Rivers

Clay Rivers, this new Medium homepage is weirding me out. I had my account still set to the old setup, which they recently stopped allowing people to use. Thus, I’ve been kicked to the new layout. Which Medium Staff have actually improved to a vast degree. I’m impressed and have only a singular complaint.

Which is that when I’m looking in “My Network” and someone I follow posts a response to someone else, what they are responding to isn’t visible, it’s just a field of green dots. What is visible is the writing of the person I follow, up until the first punctuation mark.

Thus, for what you wrote here Clay, all that I saw was a block, with a field of small green dots on top and your words in black font which were precisely:

“Rigid Desire,”

That was it, thus I had to query for a moment to myself, “Is Clay getting kinky on Medium now? What in the poop stick is going on?”.

(“poop stick”, of course is a stick with which one attempts to scrape poop off of one’s shoe with, I’ve had people misconstrue precisely what a poop sticks duty is more times than I’d care to count. But, that’ll learn me to come up with new and deranged slang)